Wellness Wednesday with Aptus!

During unprecedented times such as these, taking good care of ourselves is of the utmost importance. That can mean everything from workouts at home with the kids, to taking a much-needed staycation. We asked our wonderful team: what have you been doing to stay well during the pandemic?

Wellness Tips from the Aptus Team

I’ve been doing my best to keep active indoors and out. I’m putting miles on my Peleton and my personal trainer, Charlie, makes sure my form stays on point! I’m lucky to have Charlie and Bella to make sure we get out for some fresh air daily.

Julie Long, Director of Business Development, San Diego

Like many, I’ve been investing the extra time I gained from my shortened commute (now about 4 seconds vs 40 minutes) perfecting my sourdough making skills. I’m also tying to get fresh air as often as possible by running and taking hikes.

Brook Braunschweig, Director of Business Development, San Francisco

My girls and I let off steam in our backyard!

Johanna Torres, Director of Business Development, San Diego

As establishments open back up and we can safely widen our circle, I’ve been getting together safely to get outdoors and support our beloved local businesses.

Patrick Conolly, MBA, Partner

My kids get their exercise in my chasing each other around the house, and now they have even more fun using our moving boxes as “obstacles!”

Gina Tsai, Director of Business Development, Northern California

I am forever grateful to my gym, Train Insane Gym, for posting daily workouts and also hosting Zoom classes with a coach. I’ve been working with dumbbells, kettle bells, bands and body weight. Working on my core strength and keeping my muscle tone!

Lori Cheyne, Director of Business Development Los Angeles