At Aptus, we want to schedule your next deposition the way you want it scheduled! For your convenience, we offer four ways to schedule:

  • Online: If you already have a registered account for our online scheduling tool click here.
  • Email: and please provide the case name, date, time, location and your contact info. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.
  • Call us: 866-999-8310
  • Web Form: Simply take a few moments to fill out the form here and someone will contact you shortly.

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Can Aptus assist you by providing a conference room?
Please provide any details the Aptus Scheduling Team might need to know to schedule your conference room. Number of attendees, location, specific room requirements, etc.
Please provide the name and email address of any expected remote participants.
If available, please provide the address where the deposition will take place.
*Note: A Videographer will record the witness (image and audio) and audio of all participants. The Videographer is also available to present exhibits for you. If you request a Videographer you will not require an Exhibit Technician. Exhibit Technicians are only able to help you present exhibits. They are not able to record the deposition.

Additional Information

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