An Interview with Aptus Court Reporters: Part I

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At Aptus Court Reporting, we pride ourselves on partnering with court reporters with outstanding work ethic and who exemplify all that we strive to be as a company. We often ask our clients for feedback on how we’re doing, but this month, we took a different approach and asked our court reporters what they thought about Aptus. They had such great feedback that we decided to split it into two blog posts. Here’s what they had to say:

How did you start working with Aptus Court Reporting?

“I started working with Aptus in 2011 when I heard about a new company opening up. I am a senior-level reporter and I went over to meet and interview with Ashley and Derek in their first very small space. It was an immediate connection and I wanted to come on board. I saw their work ethic and vision and wanted to be part of this new and exciting opportunity. I am proud to say I am one of the two first reporters to start with Aptus.” – Susan Swan, RPR, CRR, CCRR

“I began working with Aptus when a fellow reporter mentioned how much she enjoyed reporting for them. As a small business owner with a few of my own loyal clients, I was ready to pass along the administrative responsibilities to an established firm so I could focus solely on reporting. I didn’t want to bring my clients just ANYWHERE, or report for just ANYONE for that matter. My ears perked when my colleague raved about how fair and trustworthy Aptus is, so I took the leap of faith and haven’t looked back….ever.” – Mary Rouse, CSR

“I was first introduced to the team when the owners of Aptus excitedly approached me in the Bay Area, to bring focus on developing relationships and work in Northern California. Derek flew up to San Francisco and personally met with me and his team to introduce Aptus to me.” – Hanna Kim, CLR, CSR

“I started working with Aptus when they were just starting in a tiny little office! I worked with them a bit and then I moved to San Francisco and connected with another firm up there. When I moved back to San Diego, I was so impressed with the growth of the company and their honesty and energy. I was excited that the timing worked well. We had a mutual appreciation that has led to a supportive relationship.” – Claire Andrews, CSR, CLR

Why do you enjoy working with Aptus?

“I started working with Aptus because I loved the energy and excitement as a new firm.

These are the things I love about Aptus:
A. Integrity. You will NEVER be told your job cancelled because calendar decided they want or need to give it to someone else. Nor will you ever get bumped off a job because the firm owner wants to take it.
B. Stephen, who runs calendar, actually cares about his reporters and will do everything he can to help and support you.  Every reporter at San Diego Aptus that I know loves Stephen. His calm demeanor helps, too.
C. Production…A+ all the way. Firms may not realize how much production affects us as reporters. Sometimes we have to ask for favors because a client asked us for a favor or we need something done or copied super fast. I have always been met with a can-do attitude and that they are working with us. I’ve also seen the quality of their transcripts. They are very detail oriented and it reflects on the firm, the transcript, and the reporter. They are the most positive production team in the business!” – Susan Swan, RPR, CRR, CCRR

“Working for Aptus as a reporter is amazing! Their staff is talented in a way that sets them apart from other reporting firms I’ve worked for, in that they make me feel I’m working WITH them and not FOR them. I walk into the office and it’s always relaxed, friendly, personable, and everyone is smiling, yet everyone is working hard and professionally. You’d never know stressful deadlines are constantly being met!” – Mary Rouse, CSR

“I started when we were afforded the great opportunity to cover all the reporting needs for what became the second-longest bench trial in Marin County Superior Court history. After expert depositions, the team was able to shine by having all three sides of the case stipulate to using Aptus. It was an exciting time for all of us. Real-time, daily roughs — daily clean roughs — and expedites were just part of the formula. The Aptus team was able to provide outstanding customer service to each and every attorney, paralegal, and court staff involved. Aptus represents what I strive to be as a court reporter: professional, state-of-the-art, dedicated, and hard-working. And Aptus understands that and provides me the kind of technical work that I do best.” – Hanna Kim, CLR, CSR

“They have integrity. They are hardworking and treat their reporters well. The employees and reporters are a team. Aptus attracts some great people, which, in itself, speaks volumes.” – Claire Andrews, CSR, CLR

What tools, technology make working with Aptus easier than other court reporting firms?

“The Aptus Web portal has definitely made turning in jobs easy-peasy – click, click, click. The bonus is the pre-filled info for job turn-ins. I can even scan and upload exhibits from home.” – Mary Rouse, CSR

“In a small niche world, where technology challenges me to stay current with the most advanced real-time capabilities and interfaces, Aptus possesses a tool that is far beyond technology, and that is communication. If I am at a job, and the clients have a question or a need, I e-mail/text the team and let them know. In a moment’s notice, I will get a response, and we are able to provide the best answers and responses needed. The teamwork and communication is what makes me so proud of being part of the Aptus team.” – Hanna Kim, CLR, CSR

“Mike Tisa is so great helping with technology! Help is a phone call away. Through their attitudes and words, they give the comfort that it’s never a bother and they’re happy to help.” – Claire Andrews, CSR, CLR

Stay tuned next week when we conclude our “Interview with an Aptus Court Reporter” Series.
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