An Interview with Aptus Court Reporters: Part II

Last week we began sharing some great feedback that we received from a few of our professional court reporters. If you missed the first post, you can read it here at “An Interview with Aptus Court Reporters: Part I.

Now, the conclusion of our interviews:

What makes Aptus’ clients different from other court reporting firms?

“The clients at Aptus are special to me. I actually consider some of them family and find myself eager to see them to hear updates on past cases or about their lives outside of work. It’s nice to walk into a depo with attorneys who know my name and inquire about my life as well – they care. Even though we’re all working hard, these clients always go beyond the standard pleasantries.” – Mary Rouse, CSR

“I would characterize Aptus as a reporter-driven Team, that vets their reporters and staff to provide the best reporting service in the industry, that takes pride in the details from transcripts to customer service.” – Hanna Kim, CLR, CSR

“Aptus’ clients care about Aptus and admire the business. Most of the clients I’ve experienced have a personal connection to Aptus. They’re not just a random firm that they hire.” – Claire Andrews, CSR, CLR

Are there any other notable differences that make Aptus stand out in your mind?

“As amazing as everyone at Aptus is, any reporter would be thrilled and lucky to work with Stephen. As the Director of Reporter Relations, he is your right-hand man! I am a busy working mother of three small kids, and Stephen’s patience and care while scheduling me on jobs is a blessing. Calendar clerks at other firms only care about their coverage, while Stephen takes into consideration the Aptus calendar and everyone’s personal calendars. I’m convinced he has some magic potion because I don’t know how he keeps it all straight and does it so awesomely!” – Mary Rouse, CSR

“Not only are the staff of Aptus my colleagues, but they have become my life-long friends.” – Hanna Kim, CLR, CSR

“Really, it is the way they treat their reporters; the production crew, calendar crew, billing, all have our backs. They are forgiving of us on the rare occasion when we make mistakes and keep smiles on their faces through it all! Thank you, Aptus!” – Claire Andrews, CSR, CLR

Thank YOU to the reporters who took time from their busy schedules to give us feedback on how we’re doing from the Court Reporter’s perspective! We are humbled to hear your kind words and so fortunate that we count you as part of our team.
If your firm is looking to hire a professional court reporter, please contact us so we can connect you with one of our very proficient team members.