1The Aptus team streamlines our process as much as possible for our clients. We focus on quality and efficiency to get the job done – and to do that, we deliver your video depositions to you on one disc.

While many firms send two separate discs for video depositions, we stick with the one to make it quicker and easier for you to keep track of each depo. Focusing on quality over quantity, Aptus makes it easy on you and gives you the one thing you need to help with your case in one streamlined package.

What Is Included?

  • load files for trial presentation and case management software
  • synced video files
  • full and mini PDFs of testimony and exhibits

Our services are designed for the convenience of our clients. Contact your sales rep to schedule your deposition with us today.

Aptus Continues Growth, Welcomes Three New Staff Members

We are excited with our level of professional growth and the opportunities available to recruit highly-qualified candidates who will continue to uphold the quality of service and product we deliver to our clients. In recent months, we have added three top-notch individuals to the Aptus team. Welcome Romina, Jason, and Mike!

Romina Hussein

Ro-RoRomina Hussein joins our newly-expanded San Francisco office as our Business Development Executive helping the Aptus name grow in the San Francisco and Northern California market. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Romina is a UC Berkeley graduate and has previously worked as a paralegal post-college for four years. She comes from a big family, the third of four children, and embraces having her immediate family close by. Growing up in Oakland, she is a lover of Oakland As baseball and you can find her with her family and friends during baseball season tailgating and enjoying the games.


Jason C. Ferber

FerbsFor our Southern California offices, UCLA alumni Jason C. Ferber has joined the team traveling between our San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles offices as the Director of Business Development. For 10 years, he worked as Managing Partner at Whitmont Legal Technologies and also previously worked as Regional Sales Manager at Veritext Deposition Services. He has been in friendly competition and has known Derek for 15 years and now the stars have aligned for him to join the Aptus team. He and his wife Laura brought in 10 years of friendship to their now 14 years of marriage and together they have three sons: Ethan, Jackson and Owen. His hobbies include spending time with his family whether it is camping in their vintage VW bus or going on a family fishing trip.


Mike Tisa

mike-tisaMike Tisa is the most recent to join the San Diego office. He is the Director of Litigation Technology and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of video operations including video production, in addition to helping Aptus stay at the forefront of digital technology. He is heavily involved in the firm’s website and social media campaigns to gain better exposure online and to release relevant information to clients. And as a CLVS (Certified Legal Video Specialist) he will continue to be in the field covering video depositions for our clients. Mike’s previous positions have been Litigation Technology Manager for Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters in San Diego and four years at one of the largest independently owned court reporting firms in the country, PohlmanUSA Court Reporting in St. Louis, MO. He is the oldest of five brothers, one of whom works as a videographer in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. He is a die hard Cardinals baseball fan, enjoys movies, and all things Beach Boys-related.

We are fortunate to have hired a new class of exceptional talent and look forward to having them be part of our Aptus family!


California court reporters are among the many victims of drastic budget cuts sweeping through the state judicial system. According to Silicon Valley’s Mercury News, Governor Jerry Brown and the California legislature reduced the state court’s budget by $350 million in 2012 and 2013 isn’t looking much better. State courts are expected to see additional budget cuts of an estimated $200 million.

This dismal trend has certainly been felt in the San Diego court-reporting field. JD Supra Law News reported that as of November 5, 2012, the San Diego Superior Court only provides court reporters for criminal hearings and civil cases. As an effect of this cutback, the court was stripped of 30 San Diego court reporter positions. But this is just the beginning. The San Diego court system is expected to reduce the budget by an additional $33 million and implement 50 to 75 additional layoffs.

Other cities are experiencing the same hardships. The Los Angeles Superior Court let go of 60 official court reporters last year, reducing the budget by $10.2 million and this year will only bring more reductions. San Francisco court reporters have felt a similar squeeze, laying off 24 court reporters in 2011 as the trend towards privatizing court reporting continues to increase.

As court reporters in San Francisco all the way down to San Diego continue to get laid off, it has become incumbent upon the litigators to arrange their own reporters. Though some courts are turning to recording devices as an alternative, many civil cases so not allow this as an option. The risks of having no record of legal proceedings are daunting, and parties are grappling with the loss of opportunities for appeal since appellate courts require written transcripts.

To compensate for this void, many litigants are turning to companies like Aptus to provide skilled court reporters. At Aptus, a talented and reliable team can pick up the slack generated by these budget cuts, mitigating the disadvantages of the court’s shortcomings. Whether you’re looking for a San Francisco court reporter or your needs are in San Diego, Aptus has multiple offices on the west coast that can deliver quality court reporting services exceeding your expectations.