Aptus to Prioritize Digital Video Recording

Digital Depo

“Excuse me, we have about five minutes left on the tape.” Every attorney that’s attended a video deposition has heard this phrase or some variation. It seems harmless, right? Five minutes is plenty of time to find a good place to stop. Think again. As any attorney knows, the deponent may give an answer that opens the door to a whole new line of questioning, and if you have to stop for a tape change, that can kill the momentum of the depo.


At Aptus Court Reporting, our in-house video equipment is completely digital. This means NO NEED TO BREAK FOR A TAPE CHANGE. The only breaks that occur are the ones requested by counsel or the deponent. I’ve been recording depositions digitally for nearly three years. I’ve noticed something – depositions are actually quicker! “Let’s take a quick break to change the tape” can actually turn into a 20-minute break. As mentioned above, this can negatively impact the flow and momentum of the depo.


Aptus Court Reporting is making a big push to ensure that all of our videographers around the country are making the improvements and upgrades to digital technology. While there are many who still capture to DVDs, we will continue to provide the best possible videographer at your depositions to ensure the quality you should expect from Aptus Court Reporting.


About the Author: Mike Tisa is the Director of Litigation Technology for Aptus Court Reporting. He is a Certified Legal Video Specialist through the National Court Reporters Association. Mike has been in the legal field since 2007 and is continuously researching advancements in the legal technology industry. For more on Mike’s background, visit his LinkedIn profile. http://www.linkedin.com/in/miketisa/