5 Ways Aptus Court Reporting Goes Green

As part of our ongoing commitment to greener operations and a reduced carbon footprint, the entire Aptus Court Reporting team makes contributions in a variety of ways. From using public transportation to embracing digital media and even running paperless whenever possible, we make Earth Day a year-round proposition. Here are five ways Aptus Court Reporting goes green every day:

Hybrid Transportation Saves Gas and Cuts Emissions

Our company Prius is used to commute and relay items between offices, reducing the impact our operations have on the environment. Many members of our team are particularly eco-conscious and opt for public transportation such as the Coaster or BART to travel to and from work.

Cloud Files Reduce Paper Use

Our innovative cloud based storage holds the exhibits, files and more for every case we handle, without expiration. Our system includes the full transcript and hyperlinked exhibits, making it easier than ever to find what you need. Best of all, this system allows our team and clients to reduce the amount of paper documents required for depositions and trial prep while allowing for easy access wherever there is a secure internet connection.

Electronic Submission of Video Packets

The video packets completed by videographers are optimized into PDF format, allowing for electronic submissions. By working electronically, we have streamlined our work flow and drastically cut down on the amount of resources we use. Since files are transferred electronically, mail trucks and couriers are not needed to transfer physical papers or DVD, thus reducing carbon emissions.

Embracing Digital Media

At Aptus, we have fully embraced digital media technology. By using digital video uploads we can fully serve our clients’ needs while also reducing the amount of paper packaging and DVDs we use.

Individual Local Office Efforts

Each of our offices and individual departments have embraced our green initiatives as well. Each department is provided with recycling bins and our offices are equipped with motion detected light sensors to reduce unnecessary energy expenditure. Fun fact: did you know that the energy saved from recycling one aluminum can will power a computer for three hours? Just think of how many hours of saved power are in those recycling bins!

Our deep commitment to running an eco-friendly business extends to everything we do, from the way we handle information to the way we deal with disposable items. Ultimately the financial savings realized through saving energy and resources is cost savings that can be passed onto you, the client.

How do you go green in your firm?