4 Specialized Skills Court Reporters Bring to the Case

A court reporter possesses an essential set of unique skills and plays an important role in the legal system. The following are four specialized skills a court reporter brings to the case.

1. Mastery of Grammar and Language

Court reporters have an extensive mastery of language, grammar, and vocabulary. They transcribe what was said accurately to eliminate any possible future misunderstandings. A court reporter will also be able to instantly process difficult terms while simultaneously keeping up with the ongoing dialogue. Since court reporters use shorthand almost as a second language, many can take dictation at the amazing speed of 200 or more words per minute.

2. Detailed Technical Knowledge

Last year, Aptus wrote about whether court reporters are now technology experts. Since that post, all items mentioned like digital exhibits and web-based video conferencing are now common place and reporters actively embrace them.

3. Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is a skill that brings the translation from the reporter’s machine immediately onto a computer screen or tablet. This provides a variety of benefits. Primarily, the attorney can immediately review what’s been said. He or she can make sure any important details are clear and that the final transcript is accurate. An audio recorder can’t instantly provide a transcript and usually has an accuracy rating of less than 90%, whereas a highly skilled court reporter eliminates those issues. Court Reporters using real-time prove invaluable for an attorney during a variety of depositions and cases.

4. Court Reporters Can Reach Several Certification Levels

A court reporter can obtain extensive expertise and receive several certification levels. According to the National Court Reports Association (NCRA), reporters with a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) certification will be able to dictate jury charge at 200 wpm and testimony at 225 wpm. A Registered Merit Reporter (RMR) certification indicates an advanced level court reporter with increased dictation speed and accuracy. The highest level of certification, a Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR), is for leaders and consultants in the profession. There are also specialized certifications for real-time reporting and real-time captioning that a court reporter can obtain.

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