Tech Tips from Tisa: 5 Quick Trial Tips

In our new series “Tech Tips from Tisa,” our Director of Litigation Technology, Mike Tisa, shares tips on how to make your next trial, deposition, or conference call a success.

1. Do not confuse an ELMO/document camera with an old school overhead projector. You need a projector or monitor to show the image. If using a projector, don’t forget to ask the court if they have a screen. If not, you’ll need to provide one.

2. Make sure your videos are always synced. Don’t be short-sighted as you might pay more on the backend. Always get this done upfront. It’s the only way to make designations fast and smoothly.

3. Get hip with the lingo. Clearly communicate to the tech how you want the document enhanced. Avoid the “do that cool zoom thingy” statement in front of the jury. Work with the tech about how to ask for the right annotations and come up with a dialogue that works for you.

4. Test trial tech before the trial. DIY’ers are great and being proactive on the tech side should be welcomed. However, if you ask for an hour training on a trial presentation program, don’t expect to be an expert. Can you teach paralegal school or law school in an hour, two even? Start simple by testing trial presentation technology prior to the start of the trial.

5. iPads – Use them at your own risk. Any app-based tech will have its limitations compared to software-based applications. Know what you can and can’t do with your app(s). Does it work without the internet, is it updated, etc.? Are you comfortable troubleshooting the wireless connection? More than likely, you will experience a signal drop at some point. Oh, and if you want to use hard-wired cables, great! Do you have the right adapters? Are they tested at a certain range? Do you have the right cables?

Attention to detail makes a difference in trials. Even if you’re a skilled trial tech, it never hurts to brush up on best practices and new technologies available.

Stay tuned for our next installment of “Tech Tips with Tisa.”

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