Aptus Court Reporting Complimented by Prominent San Diego Judge

While compliments from clients are always welcomed and valued, there is perhaps no greater compliment than one received from a sitting San Diego Superior Court Judge. On the 6th floor of the Broadway Court house, Judge Timothy Taylor presides on the bench from department 72. Those who have appeared before him knows he’s a fan of technology. Aptus’ client used this to their advantage when less than ideal circumstances presented themselves.

Just how did we accomplish this?

By delivering high-quality service during a last minute, complex situation.

Here’s what happened:

Aptus’ Director of Litigation Technology, Mike Tisa, received a call at 6pm from a client who needed to arrange remote testimony from Russia the next day. Russia is 10 hours ahead of California. To execute, the team would need to set up video and audio streaming with a flawless connection to ensure that no signal interruptions would affect the quality of the testimony.

Time to go to work!!

Tisa and his co-worker, Ryan Asanas, generally take last minute streaming requests in stride. However, most are for depositions and not directly into the courtroom where logistics are not as ideal as a deposition setting. Luckily, Tisa is no stranger to streaming testimony into the courtroom. He has been doing it for the better part of a decade and, in 2015, co-presented on exactly that topic at the National Court Reporter’s Association conference in Denver. Without hesitation, Tisa and Asanas prepped a laptop and set up everything so that it was ready to go the next morning. It went off without a hitch! The only difficulty was on the reporter’s end, but she was able to accurately transcribe the deponent’s heavy Russian accent without interruption throughout the testimony.

At the conclusion of the deposition, she was able to capture this transcription:

Judge Taylor San Diego Superior Court

As many San Diego firms know, this is a hard won compliment and we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves!

Judge Taylor