Patrick ConollyPartner & Business Development Executive

San Diego

Patrick Conolly is known around the Aptus office for his bi-lingual skills in English and sarcasm, which he has spoken fluently for most of his life. He is also known for being friendly and open around the office. As a self-proclaimed collector of new experiences, he has been to over 30 different countries and enjoys golf and scuba diving. The ultimate new experience has been becoming a first-time dad this summer.

Patrick enjoys the challenges of his role as Partner and Business Development Executive for Aptus. He was long time frienemies with Derek Berg when the two sold against one another for over 10 years. Finally, both men came to their senses and joined forces to create the strong partnership of Aptus Court Reporting.

Patrick earned his BS and MBA from Virginia Tech, and is still a strong Hokies fan to this day, despite the cross-country relocation. He plans to go to Northern Ireland to reunite and play golf with his college friends and one day he hopes to see Mt. Everest. He admits that his guilty pleasure is watching football all day long; college or pro, he’s not picky! Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.