The Challenge

Cohen McKeon LLP is a bad faith insurance law group headquartered in Los Angeles. The firm’s focus is on individuals and businesses that are in conflict with insurance companies or insurance agents. While based in California, Cohen McKeon frequently takes cases that span across the country. In this particular case, the firm had a deposition in New York, with specific requirements.

Michael Cohen of Cohen McKeon LLP encountered a dilemma when fulfilling these requirements. Travel and shipping costs for deposition materials were high in comparison to the ROI for the case. While deposition video conferencing is common practice, the New York law firm preferred to use their own system, to which Cohen McKeon did not have access. Renting a separate room with its own video conferencing unit may have worked but once again, the ROI for this rental was not cost-effective. Mr. Cohen continued his search for a solution that would meet all parties’ needs, be executed in a timely manner and maintained a reasonable bottom line.

The Solution

Aptus Court Reporting offered a two-prong solution for the issues facing Cohen McKeon.

1. Aptus Connect: Aptus Connect is a web-based video conferencing service specifically designed to meet the needs of law firms conducting long-distance communication. The service works through both traditional computers and newer video conferencing units, so it can be shared by a number of companies with varying levels of technology. This allows law firms with different communication requirements to find the middle ground necessary to conduct successful video conferencing.

2. eDepoze: eDepoze is a cloud-based service that allows law firms to electronically stream and share a variety of content, including electronic exhibits, text, and documents. This deposition technology can help reduce the waste and cost associated with paper exhibits, while allowing users to conduct remote depositions that meet all necessary requirements.

The Result

With the combination of both Aptus Connect and eDepoze, the LA based Cohen McKeon was able to successfully connect with the New York law firms and conduct a remote deposition without incurring expensive travel or rental costs. Additionally, if and when Cohen McKeon encounters similar situations in the future, the technology will be available to provide the same communication benefits and continue to save the firm money down the road.

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