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Certified Legal VideographerCalifornia Court Reporting Videography Services

Aptus Court Reporting’s Video Team assures a powerful visual solution for your depositions, remote meetings, training sessions, and conferencing needs – all at unique cost savings to benefit you and your clients.

Deposition Recording Services

Certified Legal Videographers For Hire for Quality Video Depositions

Our experienced and professional videographers generate a more impactful deposition and capture unique visual evidence for use in litigation and trial.

From deposition recording to international video conferencing and video streaming, Aptus’ Video Team connects your case to a wide array of powerful visual tools to ensure your evidence is visually compelling and expressive.

Video Transcript & Trial Presentation Editing Services

As part of our commitment to full-service litigation support, we provide complimentary video transcript synchronization and archival-quality digital images. Video clips and synchronized transcripts integrate directly into your trial presentation materials, and our team of legal video specialists can synchronize external transcript video and exhibits as clips, as demonstratives, or for simple side-by-side comparison.

Legal Video Conferencing & Streaming Services

Our Video Team can also facilitate video conferencing and streaming services. Whether you are taking a deposition, conducting a firm-wide training or preparing a witness, video conferencing can help your firm save time and money; let us bring the deposition to you! With video streaming, monitor a deposition and collaborate with your team anywhere in the world.