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Aptus Success Stories

Real World Case Studies From Aptus Clients

Throughout our years in business, we have been honored to work with the best and the brightest in the legal field. This small sampling of our work with recent clients is representative of our larger mission: to provide the best possible service for our clients through mastery of deposition solutions and the highest quality support staff available.

Litigation Technology Saves Time & Money in Los Angeles

With a deposition in New York, California based Cohen McKeon LLP needed an efficient solution for presenting deposition materials and video conferencing that would circumvent the high costs of travel and shipping across country.

Delivering Quality Court Reporting & Litigation Technology on Demand in San Diego

San Diego based probate litigation firm, Van Dyke & Associates LLP regularly uses Aptus’ services. Recently, we were able to assist with the presentation of hundreds of pieces of evidence for a bench trial within a few hours time.