Stefan WikstromPartner

Seattle, WA

Stefan Wikstrom is the owner and founder of TERIS.  For many years, he wanted to add Court Reporting to the services of the company so he could give his audience all of the nitty gritty details from the courtroom.  After meeting a few times to discuss the project, they discovered a mutual love of entrepreneurialism and struck a deal that would become Aptus Court Reporting.

Stefan Wikstrom was born in Stockholm, Sweden and came to the USA in 1986 on a Track and Field scholarship. He loves red wine, fine dining, and travel, so much so that he has been to 32 of the states in the US. When he is not traveling, he enjoys fishing, golfing, working out, and playing tennis. He also has a passion for boating and jet skiing. If he won the lottery, he would grow the capital in the company and he may also purchase a Ferrari for himself. The best award he has gotten is the Swedish Junior Champion, Pac 10 Champion, and record holder in the Javelin. Connect with Stefan on LinkedIn.