Ron-Harrison Managing Director Northern CAManaging Director, Northern California

San Francisco, CA

Ron’s experience in court reporting goes back to 1978. As a new arrival to San Francisco from Florida, he answered an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle and was hired as a proofreader for a court reporting firm. It was a momentous decision and logical fit for him after previously working as an English teacher for four years. During his career Ron has worked for several other prominent firms and held various leadership positions, and now joins Aptus as Managing Director for Northern California.

In his downtime, Ron enjoys attending opera and jazz performances, and rooting for the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Stadium. He is fluent in Italian and has made many journeys to Italy over the years. Ron enjoys hiking the urban wilds of San Francisco and occasionally the countryside. He loves books, elephants, and sampling new restaurants, and looks forward to visiting India or Thailand one day. Ron mentions ice cream and pizza as guilty pleasures, though why he should feel guilty about that he hasn’t explained. Connect with Ron on LinkedIn.