Mary-Gagne-CaceresDirector of Business Development

Los Angeles, CA

Mary is known as “The Woodpecker” by her close colleagues, since once she sets her sights on something, “no” doesn’t become an option. Born and raised in Upper Michigan, in her youth Mary enjoyed playing on her grandmother’s farm, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, fishing for trout, smelting, shooting BB guns, riding minibikes and ATVs, and having a duck and a goat as pets. She is a true Yooper.

At the age of 10, Mary announced to her parents she was going to live in California one day and in December 1989 she packed up her Mazda 323 and moved to Los Angeles. Someone once told her she wouldn’t make it out west on her own and she said, “I’ll show you!” and that she did. Mary spent 12 years as a deposition reporter, got bored of not being able to talk all day, and transitioned into business development, where she developed a loyal following and made many friends along the way (and now can talk all day if she wants to).

In her free time Mary likes spending time with her husband, David, and rescue dog, Chance (pronounced the fancy French way), entertaining family and friends and thinking up her next house project, traveling, and vows to get back into Pilates and hiking on a regular basis. Her long-term goals are to one day be on Shark Tank and to retire in Prescott Lakes, AZ. Connect with Mary on LinkedIn.