Marj Walker of Aptus Court Reporting

Marj Walker

Director of Business Development, Sacramento

Marj’s tenure in the legal industry has landed her in a role of a respected, knowledgeable, trusted advisor. Law firms choose to do business with her because of a proven 14+ year track record of being reliable, adding value and getting stuff done!

When not working, Marj enjoys spending time with her husband Mark who she met on a blind date 34 years ago and hanging out with their two adorable cattle dogs. She also loves traveling, tennis, nature, music and laughing. On her bucket list are traveling to Turks & Caicos, attending a destination yoga retreat, taking horseback riding lessons, and learning to play the guitar.

Marj genuinely loves working with clients and taking care of their needs. Litigation can be complicated and Marj always aims to make things easy and fun!