The Challenge

Van Dyke & Associates LLP is a California probate litigation law firm headquartered in downtown San Diego. The firm has a long and successful relationship with Aptus Court Reporting, leveraging a variety of services including court reporters, videographers for depositions and hearings, as well as trial technology and trial prep services in order to deliver outstanding results to clients. The close proximity of Aptus’ headquarters to the firm’s office and court houses on West Broadway makes the working relationship that much more convenient.

Recently, lead attorney, Scott Van Dyke, Esq. was approaching a bench trial that required the team to present hundreds of exhibits. The morning of the trial, Litigation Support Manager Henri Bradley, called upon Mike Tisa, Director of Litigation Technology, at Aptus to organize these exhibits. As is the case with many attorneys, Van Dyke preferred working from his own computer rather than an unfamiliar machine.

The Solution

Mike Tisa and the Aptus team were quick to provide a workable solution just hours before the trial. They were able to build two mirrored databases on separate computers that allowed Van Dyke to make the necessary markups and annotations on his own computer. For the duration of the trial, Aptus successfully backed up the trial computer to the database computer nightly, making special accommodations for the different operating systems. Each day within the courtroom, profiles and settings also had to be adjusted and saved in the event that the laptops needed to be exchanged during the trial.

The Result

Once again, Van Dyke’s experience with Aptus was an exceptional one. The needs of the firm were taken care of promptly and efficiently, even at the last minute. In turn, the firm’s client was impressed with the high quality results delivered during trial, which was ultimately decided in favor of Van Dyke’s client.

Litigation Support Manager, Henri Bradley said, “To me, Aptus’ flexibility, professionalism, consistency, quality of work and customer service is unmatched with other court reporting firms I’ve worked with.” Bradley went on to mention that with about half of their depositions being out of town, Aptus has always taken care of the logistics in making sure they’ve had the resources needed regardless of location.

“Everyone [at Aptus] is just so nice. The accessibility and consistency of the work and the team really sets them apart.”

If you would like to know more about our robust litigation technology and court reporting services, contact Aptus Court Reporting. We have decades of combined court reporting experience with a focus on connecting testimony and technology.