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Hire Local Trial Support Services Near You

Your clients deserve the best, most compelling presentation of case evidence at trial. Aptus provides trial presentation and courtroom support to clients needing strategic and comprehensive presentation packages for court trials, mediation, or arbitration. Aptus has strategically placed locations throughout California to provide  you convenience and efficiency.

Trial Support Consulting

Your trial support consultant handles all aspects of case presentation, from pre-trial planning to team training and on-call trial solutions. Aptus allows you to focus on your strongest persuasive arguments without the added stress of presenting multi-media evidentiary materials in trial.

War Room to Courtroom Integration

From war-room to courtroom, your trial team seamlessly integrates your testimony, case documents, and evidentiary and discovery materials. Keeping it all in-house with Aptus helps your bottom line and saves time and energy, freeing your team from time-consuming administration or technological learning curves.

Trial Presentation Equipment & Technology For Hire

Leave the technological heavy lifting to Aptus’ trial team! With court-certified reporters to trial presentation equipment, trial presentation software and demonstratives, Aptus is readily equipped to handle your and your clients’ unique needs in the courtroom.