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Deposition Technology to Streamline Your Workflow

eDepoze Deposition 2.0

Electronic exhibits, remote depositions, streaming text, document sharing with witnesses and other participants, and eliminate paper exhibits.

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Aptus Capture

Picture-in-picture technology to digitally capture computer screen images, as well as video of the witness testimony.

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eDepoze Deposition 2.0™

eDepoze Laptop eDepoze Laptop
  • Remote Depositions

    Attend your deposition from anywhere in the world. Share and receive exhibits at your desk at the same time as attendees with this cutting edge litigation technology.

  • Electronic Exhibits

    Share exhibits with all deposition participants via your laptop or tablet and mark documents with custom exhibit stamps.

  • Familiar Process

    eDepoze allows you to work with exhibits in the same way you always have. Keep potential exhibits confidential before the deposition, annotate and share exhibits at any time, provide participant copies as needed.

  • Presentation Mode

    With one touch of a button, share your exhibits and documents with the witness and participants.

  • Streaming Text

    Watch realtime text feed from the court reporter and review exhibits all within a single platform.

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Aptus Capture

Aptus Capture, also known as Picture in Picture litigation technology,  allows you to digitally record any image on a computer screen that requires keystrokes, annotations or mouse clicks. For example, if you need to show the witness an excel spreadsheet and have them navigate through cells or look at metadata within the spreadsheet, Aptus Capture can record all the movements, etc. The image is then mixed in with the video of the witness for a picture-in-picture effect.

  • Digital Capture

    Digitally record any keystrokes, annotations, or mouse clicks made on the computer screen.

  • Quality Videos

    Picture in picture allows you to record better quality videos without having to think about the technology.

  • Continuity

    All participants can see what the witness is seeing so everyone is on the same page.

Watch the Aptus Capture Picture in Picture Demo

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