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Marika Pickels - Bay Area Business DevelopmentDirector of Business Development

San Francisco, California

Marika Pickles is a determined optimist, full of energy and a desire to be helpful to everyone around her. She’s a Bay Area native who spent time living in Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. She entered the court reporting world several years ago after more than a decade as a local tv news reporter. Her time in television snagged her an Emmy nomination for tornado coverage. More importantly though, her television career taught her how knowing what questions to ask, and how to listen, can positively impact others. She’s been practicing those skills ever since. When she’s not at work, Marika is most likely out on the trails. Her favorite pastime is hiking. She’s been to the top of ten mountains over 14,000 feet and she’s sat on the edge of Half Dome twice. She’s also been out to sea in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on research vessels searching for Amelia Earhart’s plane. She loves a good challenge. She also loves people and being there for her clients.