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Lisa BrowningDirector of Administration

San Diego, CA

Nicknamed “Wordsmith” and “Mama Bear,” Lisa Browning wears both designations well as Aptus’ Director of Administration.

Although Lisa has lived in Southern California her entire life and is a fourth-generation Californian, she spent five years in Scotland while pursuing her PhD. Her accomplishments during this period of time include lecturing freshmen, proofreading for Oxford University Press, and cultivating a Glaswegian accent. Lisa brought these skills back with her when she returned to the United States and has put them to excellent use at her position with Aptus, which she has held since its first year of inception in 2011.

Lisa got her start with Aptus in the Calendar Department and now runs the company’s Payroll, Billing, and Office Administration Department. She continues to amaze everyone at Aptus with her seemingly endless grasp of grammar rules as well as her vast knowledge of even the most obscure tenets of the California Code of Civil Procedure. She can also come up with some great wine pairing suggestions, and the office loves hearing about her scuba diving adventures.